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Fee Brothers

Origin: USA
Producer: Fee Brothers Inc
Name: Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters
Alcohol: 17,5 %
Volume: 150 ml

Aromatic Old-Fashioned: includes angostura bark; close substitute for Angostura. Fee Brothers take their Old Fashion Aromatic bitters and age them for a number of months in oak barrels previously used to age Jack Daniels. The aging process has smoothed these bitters, making the flavours meld together with a more consistent flavour. It has a less pronounced citrus taste, and the bitterness is a little more subtle.

Origin: USA
Producer: Fee Brothers Inc
Name: Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Alcohol: 2,55 %
Volume: 150 ml

Made of cacao beans, peppers and spices. Use a few dashes of Fees Aztec Chocolate Bitters to expand the flavor of cocktails.

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