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Godo Shusei

Ultrapremium sake "Fukumusume Gold 101 Tokubetsu Khonjiozo".
Manufacturer - TM "GoDo",Japan. Maturation term - up to 1 year.
Alcohol content - 16%. Capacity - 0.7 l.
An ancient japanese tradition is concerned about adding of alimentary gold into ultrapremium-class drinks to increase the content of gold in our entity. Primary products of the best quality and new japanese techniques are used to prepare this drink. In Japan this sake is served as a religious drink in the most celestial happenings. Sake "Fukumusume Gold 101 Tokubetsu Khonjiozo" is a legendary Japanese drink.

Region: Japan
Manufacturer: GoDo
Title: Sake Hana No Tomo
Capacity: 18 l.
Description: Premium Japanese sake. Alcoholic content 15%, maturation period up to 1 year. The drink is used just as it is for making food sauces, whether it is hot or cooled.

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